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** Please note, the faqs underneath can be adapted to both Live gamer HD & Live Gamer HD-Lite
  • Why are there interlaced lines on my recordins?

    If your input source is interlaced, for example, the video source is set as 1080i instead of 1080p, you will experience interlace problems.

  • Can I use Live Gamer HD Lite to record 3D videos or 120Hz video sources?

    Live Gamer HD Lite capture card doesn't support 3D/120Hz video recording.

  • Why the video signal from PS3 is blocked in RECentral?

    The contents output from PS3 are protected by HDCP; if Live Gamer HD Lite detects HDCP contents, the capture function will be automatically disabled by RECentral.

  • RECentral crashes when previewing or recording 1080P videos, what do I do?

    If you're using NVIDIA graphics card on Windows 7/Vista 64-bit OS, 8GB RAM platform, please conduct the following steps.

    1. Make sure you have the latest drivers installed for your graphics card.
    2. Turn off Windows Aero user interface.
    3. Replace the graphic card
  • Can I record and play game simultaneously on the same PC?

    Live Gamer HD Lite supports video, audio pass-thru function this allows you to record and play games simultaneously at the same platform.

  • Does Live Gamer HD Lite support Dolby 5.1?

    Live Gamer HD Lite capture card doesn't support recording audio in Dolby 5.1.

  • I have color saturation problem when running RECentral, what do I do?

    Please refer to the following screenshots to resolve the problem.

    AMD's graphics card:

    NVIDIA's graphics cards:

  • Why are there black bars around the edge of my screen?

    If you're using AMD's graphics card, you may encounter this problem. This issue can be eliminated by adjusting the Scaling options to 0% in AMD's Catalyst Control Center -> My Digital Flat Panel -> Scaling Options.

    (Overscan to 0%)

  • USB Headsets supporting alternative

    You might encounter this situation if you are using a USB headset that has its own soundcard. This is because USB headset is not supported in C985 and RECentral yet. Please follow the steps below:

    Step 1. Open your Control Panel > Sound

    Step 2. Set your sound-card as default device in Playback tab.

    *please note that you have to set the soundcard's speaker as default for Stereo Mix,do not use your graphic card's HDMI audio (your soundcard's stereo mix will get no audio).

    Step 3. Change your tab to Recording, then set your Stereo Mix as default device, and click the Stereo Mix's Properties.

    ** If you don't have the “Stereo Mix” in your tabs, please make sure you have installed all the drivers for your soundcard, or you can right-click to tick the “show disable devices” & “show disconnected devices”)

    Step 4. Change the tab to Listen in properties, and enable the “Listen to this device", then select the “Playback through this device” to your USB audio device, click OK.

    After finishing the above steps, you should be able to hear your audio from soundcard and usb device.


    Please also note:

    a. Connect your soundcard to C985 with 3.5mm audio cable.

    b. Select "Audio in" for your audio source in RECentral.

    c. If your USB device supports stereo mix, you can try to set your USB device as main, and playback your USB's stereo mix to soundcard.

  • My Hot Button (C985Q) stops responding

    For tackling the C985Q's non-response related issues, please kindly commence with checking the device's status first:

    1. Please go to the Device Manager and see if the c985Q was installed properly.

    This is the ID of the Hot Button (C985Q), and it means your C985Q is on its position.


    2.Please go check if the AVerHIDCtrl.dll file is in position. The route is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\AVerMedia\AVerMedia RECentral\dll

    3. And you can check the Task manager, you'll see this picture:

    So far, we can make sure that C985Q is running normally (the AVeRECentral service)

    If the AVerHIDCtrl.dll file is missed, please conduct the following steps:


    1. Conduct clean-uninstall

    2. Make sure you've already removed:

    a. program files\AVerMedia RECentral

    b. program files\common file\AVerMedia

    Then, re-install the application again, and go check the if the AVerHIDCtrl.dll file works properly.

  • How to Disable HDCP on PS4- Use AVerMedia capture cards to record PS4 gameplay
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